TUESDAY 27th January at 10:00CET

Zabývám se digitálními inovacemi, změnou firemní kultury, tak aby byly firmy schopné objevovat a zavádět nové technologie.

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Your Guide: Filip “Phil” Drimalka

Filip “Phil” Drimalka is a leading Czech expert on digital innovations and AI. His companies help hundreds of organizations implement new technologies and develop the digital skills of tens of thousands of employees each year. He is the author of two books: “HOT: How to Succeed in the Digital World” (Melvil Publishing, 2017) and “The Future of No Work” (, 2023), which explores what work will look like in the age of AI.

Filip is a true innovator. He has created frameworks and programs used by major European companies to train and develop their employees. He hosts the “HOTCAST” podcast, featuring interviews with innovators, and is a recipient of the LIGS Awards for innovative projects in adult education. Filip is also a sought-after speaker at conferences, including prestigious events such as TEDx. He doesn’t just write about No Work. He actually lives it.

filip drimalka