We are seeking international publishers
for my new book ‘The Future of No Work‘.

We are looking for publishers who recognize the growing interest in AI and new ways of working.

Do you want to publish a book that many are calling the ‘4-Hour Workweek for the AI era’?

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“The Future Of No Work” is a book that explores the future of work in the age of artificial intelligence. Its headline, “Master AI, gain superpowers, earn more and live by your own rules,” indicates that it focuses on novel approaches to work and the utilization of intelligent tools for digital productivity. The primary audience for this book consists of individuals interested in personal development and productivity, knowledge workers and creators seeking to leverage AI, managers and leaders aiming to adopt AI within their teams, and those fascinated by the future of work and its societal implications.

The book was published in the Czech Republic (Prague) and shortly after its launch, we sold more than 15,000 copies, making it a bestseller in our country. It has received excellent ratings on Goodreads, with readers purchasing it also for their friends, colleagues, and clients.


It’s not my
first book

not first book

My first book “HOT: How to Succeed in the Digital World,” was published in 2020 by a prestigious publishing house Jan Melvil that specializes in books by renowned authors in the field of personal development.

However, since I have had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects, and wanting to try book marketing for myself, I decided to self-publish my second book.


People consistently share how the book has transformed their approach to work and their personal lives.



  • Aneta Rothova
    Aneta Rothová

    “Exam time is the time of the year when you devote all your time to studying, but you still feel like you✨ don’t know anything
    But what I did differently this semester is that I paid more attention to the topic of planning and the possibility of effective learning.
    I also got my hands on the book The Future of Non-Work by Filip Dřímalka, which was a pleasant and fresh change from classic book sources📚”

    budoucnostneprace inspirace

    1:01 •

    19. February 2024

  • Veronika Camborova
    Veronika Čamborová

    “📚 I used the longer trip this weekend to finish reading a book budoucnostneprace by Filip Dřímalka.
    >I try to follow the development of new technologies, not to lag behind, to move forward, to implement them in my life and work. However, there is so much that perhaps it is not even possible to capture it all. 🙂
    Here are summarized all the biggest game changers in one place. 👍
    Something was already familiar to me and something new – I still have a lot to learn.
    P.S.: No, it’s not about not working at all (don’t worry) – but how to properly use AI, automation and tools to improve it, speed it up and discover new possibilities. 👊

    6:39 •

    11. Februarz 2024

  • Andrea Korbelova
    Andrea Korbelová

    budoucnostneprace read… I don’t have a big library because we don’t have much space, so I only keep the books I want to come back to… This is one of them! Filip Dřímalka thank you for all the inspiration and new ideas. Now let’s start to transform it into reality and don’t be afraid to 😊 experiment
    Otherwise, for me, I would make it a must-read…”

    3:49 •

    11. January 2024

  • Barbora Benova
    Barbora Benová

    “The future of no work from Filip Dřímalka is full of great ideas that I will be happy to come back to, but this is what I found myself in:

    “If you see that your business needs to pay more attention to something, say so. If something is complicated to do, even if it could be done easily, say so. Not listening? Say it again. And again. Or simply do it yourself. Every company needs rebels to pull it forward. And if they don’t appreciate it in yours, don’t worry – with that attitude, you’ll always find a job.”

    So what? Are you a rebel? 🤔

    I bought the book because I was interested in the use of AI in professional practice. But there’s so much more to the book! 📚I recommend it to everyone! ✨”


    9:46 •

    23. February 2024

  • Olga Pincova
    Olga Pincová


    Still, I would like to add one warning: reading this book is in some ways very difficult – usually after 3-4 pages I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to put the book down and go try something, find something, write down an idea… In short, it’s a book that definitely didn’t leave me in peace. And from what I know from others, I’m definitely not the only one.

    So watch out. Even when reading, there is a risk of a flood of inspiration and ideas. You’ll also most likely start working on your digital mindset, trying out new tools to improve your processes and procedures, and discovering a lot of small (and bigger) innovations that will change your life.”

    budoucnostNeprace nowork Filip Dřímalka

    11:27 •

    3. February 2024

  • Adelka Kalusova
    Adéla Kalusová

    “📖 hashtagbudoucnostneprace – one of the best book full of tips which I applied directly into my life! ChatGPT became my friend for brainstorming and inspiration. Thanks to this tool my creative writing moments are back! ”


    2:01 •

    9. January 2024

  • Sveto Styk
    Sveto Styk

    ” My first notch on the stock called “read in 2024” became The Future of No Work by Filip Dřímalka.

    Originally, I thought I’d devour this thin book in two dinners. But here I came across – unlike fiction, or other non-fiction books, which I can literally devour with a good constellation, I realized two things:

    1) Brains of ideas, facts, examples, and concrete usecases cannot be read like a regular book. Often you need to stop and honestly think, imagine, and ideally realize in your context and life.
    2) For this very reason, it is not a disposable book. I will definitely keep it somewhere at my fingertips, because there are dozens, maybe hundreds of situations, information and examples that they need, even requiring re-examination and deeper examination.

    Philip’s new book certainly is. The unwashed, lightweight and fresh way of writing, authenticity to the turkey of bones, and great flow of text only takes it to the next level.

    It doesn’t surprise me. Filip is a crystal clear case of a person who lives his passion, turns it into reality, and at the output – be it webinars, personal meetings, articles, podcasts, or a book – you don’t know it damn.”

    3:21 •

    3. February 2024

  • Eva Vejvodova.jpg e1715429002459
    Eva Vejvodová

    “I’m not a technology enthusiast or an early adopter. But I read the book Filip Dřímalka The Future of No Work in one breath and with great gusto. Thank you for all the valuable tips and awakening the motivation to revise your work, try a few tools to simplify it and enrich your know-how.”


    11:21 •

    9. February 2024

  • Petr Novotny
    Petr Novotný

    “Along with the webinar Mindset in the AI Era by Petr Ludwig of the GrowJOB Institute, #thefutureofnowork by Filip Dřímalka is the best investment of 2024.”

    #nowork #mindset #ai #gamechanger


    8:49 •

    5. March 2024


We’ve created a variety of engaging marketing materials to support book sales. This has led to people sharing photos with the book and displaying materials in their offices, helping to raise awareness of the no-work concept.

We’re not just talking about typical social media posts; we also have an AI avatar of the author that can create videos for readers in any possible language.

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