We are seeking international publishers
for my new book ‘The Future of No Work‘.

We are looking for publishers who recognize the growing interest in AI and new ways of working.

Do you want to publish a book that many are calling the ‘4-Hour Workweek for the AI era’?

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“The Future Of No Work” is a book that explores the future of work in the age of artificial intelligence. Its headline, “Master AI, gain superpowers, earn more and live by your own rules,” indicates that it focuses on novel approaches to work and the utilization of intelligent tools for digital productivity. The primary audience for this book consists of individuals interested in personal development and productivity, knowledge workers and creators seeking to leverage AI, managers and leaders aiming to adopt AI within their teams, and those fascinated by the future of work and its societal implications.

The book was published in the Czech Republic (Prague) and shortly after its launch, we sold more than 15,000 copies, making it a bestseller in our country. It has received excellent ratings on Goodreads, with readers purchasing it also for their friends, colleagues, and clients.


It’s not my
first book

not first book

My first book “HOT: How to Succeed in the Digital World,” was published in 2020 by a prestigious publishing house Jan Melvil that specializes in books by renowned authors in the field of personal development.

However, since I have had the opportunity to work on a number of interesting projects, and wanting to try book marketing for myself, I decided to self-publish my second book.


People consistently share how the book has transformed their approach to work and their personal lives.



  • Michal Valenta
    Michal Valenta

    “Your book is an absolute sensation. I’m already using AI for a lot of things, and your book has shown me more and more possibilities. Thanks, thanks, thanks. “

    3:47 •

    16. December 2023

  • Ondrej Tyl
    Ondřej Tyl

    “I can also confirm, very good! Thanks to covid, I had time to read a large part of it over the weekend. The only problem is that it keeps forcing me to open my iPad and look straight at the apps and try them out :) 🤯”

    3:33 •

    16. December 2023

  • Zdenek Michalek
    Zdenek Michalek

    “Thank you, Filip! Yesterday I received the first 4 copies! A truly inspiring book👍”

    3:01 •

    16. December 2023

  • Sarka Novotna
    Šárka Novotná

    “A printed version of the book was picked up today. It’s so well written that it reads itself. I’ve already “devoured” half of the book. So let’s reduce my perfectionism and start playing with AI properly. Thanks for the super motivation and tutorials. 👌”

    2:28 •

    16. December 2023

  • Jiri Havel
    Jiri Havel

    “Order, it’s worth it. Don’t be without nowork”

    #books inspiration filiprules

    1:41 •

    16. December 2023

  • Peter Chrenko
    Peter Chrenko

    ” It finally arrived last week and it’s the most practical management guide I’ve read so far :-)”

    10:59 •

    16. December 2023

  • Radka Stolcova
    Radka Štolcová

    “The book is great 👌, it completely exceeded my expectations and it is still read in one breath. Thank you for all the practical examples, it can be seen that the author is not a theoretician 😉 👏 THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

    10:55 •

    16. December 2023

  • PM
    Petr Meidl

    “Wow…. 50 more pages and I’m done with it and then I’ll start reading slowly again :-) it already cost me 190EUR to read. Thank you Filip Dřímalka for the awesome hack. A need-to-read and need-to-have book.”


    10:11 •

    16. December 2023

  • Jakub Heikenwälder

    BudoucnostNeprace AiDad “The book has arrived. It’s always a holiday. But this one was long awaited and arrived with so much super entourage that unboxing was already an experience!
    Congratulations Filip Dřímalka, I recommend it to everyone!”

    3:55 •

    20. December 2023


We’ve created a variety of engaging marketing materials to support book sales. This has led to people sharing photos with the book and displaying materials in their offices, helping to raise awareness of the no-work concept.

We’re not just talking about typical social media posts; we also have an AI avatar of the author that can create videos for readers in any possible language.

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