try the no work navigator

This tool will help you set priorities for immediate improvements to your system, develop strategies for learning skills that will help you fine-tune it in the medium term, and create a long-term vision that will ultimately lead to No Work.

filip drimalka
No Work Navigator


You can do this exercise when thinking about your strategic goals, during any team workshop, or when you’re thinking long-term about your ideas and priorities.

I suggest printing this out and keeping it on your desk. Fill it in whenever you get an idea. Then, after a week or two, go through these ideas and create actionable items from them.

To get started, use the template above or any note-taking app to write down ideas divided into three parts:

  1. Short Term: Improve
    Goal: Enhance current work processes.

Question: What can I do today to make my work easier tomorrow?

Example: I often refer to our website; I should create a keyboard shortcut with the link.

  1. Medium Term: Master
    Goal: Optimize efficiency and productivity.

Question: What should I learn to get more work done with less time, effort, or money?

Example: I should learn how to write effective prompts and create a library of prompts for the entire team.

  1. Long Term: Transform
    Goal: Achieve a state of No Work.

Question: What could my No Work look like, and what do I need to do to achieve it?

Example: I should work on my digital twin that would guide people through our educational programs.