You’ve been lied to. hustle Is a scam.

Sweat, blood, and tears belong to the pre-AI era.

Welcome to the new you. Welcome to the century of No Work.

switch to no work

Hustle is a scam

For the last 40 years, we glorified the hustle. All the overnight successes, garage miracles, the “I made it all by myself,” the sleepless nights, borderline sociopathic behavior, losing sleep, friends, relationships, sanity, and health.

Look closer. Many of those you put on a pedestal have a dirty secret. They do not work as hard as you think. They do not sleep for only three hours a day. It’s all a smokescreen to justify all the bad choices they had to make. To look cooler. A PR strategy.

In reality, they all leverage tools. They rely on other people. Their success is gradual. Their work becomes deeper, decisions harder, and they actually work less to do more. We are witnessing the advent of tools that can make us all work less and do more. Do the math.

NO, you don’t need another shortcut.

NO, you don’t need another influencer to tell you how broke and lazy you are.

NO, you don’t need another thousand ChatGPT prompts that will get you nowhere.

NO, you don’t have to sacrifice your relationships.

NO, you don’t have to lose sleep.

NO, you don’t have to “just try harder.

chill out and figure out a new strategy

A strategy that fully leverages your passion, creativity, and time with your loved ones. A strategy that embraces the AI restart of everything we know.

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